Earning Potential of Usborne Books & More

Base Commission Rates

Earn commission (discounts) on every book you sell at retail or buy for personal use and/or samples.

    • Home Shows:  25%
    • Internet Sales:  25%
    • Book Fairs:  17%*
    • Reading Incentive Programs:  30%+ profit*
    • Direct Sales to Schools/Libraries: 20-25%*

*Only trained “Educational Service Reps” are eligible to approach libraries & schools K-12, public or private, for any type of sales. The ESR training, kit and background check is an add'l $150 cost and $50 a year thereafter for the bi-annual background checks.

+4% Personal Sales Bonuses

Earn sales bonuses according to your total monthly retail sales for home shows, direct sales and direct sales to schools & libraries.

    • Sell $1000 or more in in a month’s time frame and
      receive a 4% personal sales bonus!

Book fair, RFTS and LFL programs are not eligible because of the substantial amount of free books given back to the customers/organizations. 

Advancement Opportunity earn 34% MORE!

Promote to Team Leader and earn an additional 8.5% monthly override payout on your own sales!  That translates to a 34% increase in income on any parties you are already doing as a Consultant.

Here's how...

For an average $400 party, as a Consultant you earn $100 in commission.
And as a Team Leader, you earn an additional 8.5% on the retail.

So for a $400 party that is an extra $34 CASH! ($134 total for a $400 party)

Or, in other words...

Team Leaders earn 34% MORE on every party they do!

PLUS, Team Leaders earn 8.5% override payout on their consultants' sales who are in their central group. Which means... for every $400 party that is put in by your central group team members, the corporate office pays you $34 cash override payout as their Team Leader to compensate you for leading them.

In addition, as a Team Leader, on all 1st, 2nd and 3rd level promoted out groups in your downline, earn 5.5%, 4%, & 1% monthly cash overrides respectively.

Override payout for LFL, RFTS, Fundraisers, Book Fairs are 50% less on all levels.