Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will selling children's books work in my area?

A. Children’s books are a need – families cut down on luxuries when money is tight, but not their children's education.  Plus, Consultants can offer families incredible discounts and free books – the perfect fit for any economic area.

In addition, as an Educational Service Rep you also have a unique opportunity to sell to the fastest-growing market for children's books… schools!  As well as selling to preschools & public libraries.  Education is a top spending priority.

Q. I have never done any selling – help!

A. Don’t worry, neither had almost all of our other Consultants before they started.  The Sunshine Team provides you with step-by-step training on how to get started and an exclusive training website where you can get all your questions answered.  Plus, you'll have a Sponsor and Sunshine Team Leader who can give you encouragement and direction in your new business.

"You don't sell Usborne books, they sell themselves -

everybody loves Usborne."

Sally Colledge, Group Executive

Usborne books are very high quality and yet not over-priced, so they require no hard selling.  A Consultant’s enthusiasm and their own or their children’s Usborne experiences are enough to sell these fabulous books. 

We also offer Kane/Miller, a publisher that produces many award-winning books and has name recognition in the school & library market.  Librarians and teachers appreciate the uniqueness and multi-cultural aspects of Kane/Miller.

Q. What does a Consultant do?

A. Most Consultants get started with home shows. A hostess invites her friends and family to come to her home. The Consultant shows the features & benefits of some of the best sellers and favorites – helping customers find books their family will love! The hostess earns a generous amount of free books & you earn 25% of the retail sales as your commission.

Q. Do I have to do parties?


A. We enourage people to do at least one party to introduce the books to their friends - but it is still YOUR business and you can work it the way you choose.  We have many additional marketing options Consultants can specialize in including: Facebook Parties, Web Sales, Book Fairs, Booth Events, Fundraisers, Corporate Donation Sales, School & Library Sales…

Q. How does it all work?

A. Everything you need to know will be sent you as a new Consultant. Your Starter Kit will include a Consultant Training Handbook. Training, documents and tools are also provided on the exclusive Sunshine Team training website.

The Sunshine Team is one of the top teams in the nation - with proven training and systems.  No need to re-invent the wheel - just follow the starting checklist provided.

You will receive support, training & encouragement from your Sponsor and Team Leader - plus, rewards and bonuses from the Corporate Office for doing well.