Rewards Program with Usborne Books & More

Write Your Own Success Story

During your first 12 weeks you have an opportunity to earn extra free books and cash -
in addition to your commissions!   Rewards are based on your sales and recruiting -
so start strong with at least 6 shows in your first 30 days to give yourself the "extras"!

Your Story Begins... Earn a kit REFUND within your First 30 Days!

    • Sell $1000 retail (about 3-4 avg parties) and you will receive a 1/2 kit price refund.
    • Sell $2000 retail (about 5-7 avg parties) and you will receive a FULL KIT PRICE REFUND!

Your Success Story Continues... EXTRA books & CASH in First 12 Weeks!

For each person who joins your team, you will earn $25 in FREE books of your choice!!

In addition...

    • Sell $1000 retail (about 3-4 avg parties) and you'll earn Success Kit 1*
    • Sell $2000 retail (about 5-7 avg parties) and sign 1 person to earn Success Kit 2*
    • Sell $3250 retail (about 9-12 avg parties) and sign 2 people to earn $100 product
    • Sell $4500 retail (about 12-15 avg parties) and sign 2 people to earn $100 CASH!

*Success Kits include books and supply items valued at $50. 

The Next Chapter... Promote to Team Leader and Earn $100 CASH!

To promote, you'll need:


    • 3 Success Bound recruits (have sold $1000 in first 12 weeks)
    • And 3 Active recruits (can be the same people)

And for two consecutive months:


    • $1000 in Personal Sales
    • $2750 Central Group Sales (your personal sales are added towards this)

As a Team Leader you will earn 34% MORE on every party you do!  See How

To promote and begin the Next Chapter of your Success Story... follow these 3 steps:

1. Find a Friend

2. Fill your Calendar

3. Find 2 More Friends!


It's that easy!!

Express Success...  Promote to Team Leader by End of First 12 Weeks

Write your own express success story and promote right away!! 
When you promote by the end of your first 12 weeks, you will earn:

    • $300 in free product of your choice
    • And a $200 CASH Bonus!

A Team Leader Story Continued...  Earn a $500 CASH Bonus

Receive $500 CASH Bonus if you maintain for your first 3 months as a Team Leader:

    • $1000 Personal Sales
    • $2750 Group Sales (your personal sales count in towards this)

And have:

    • 5 Success Bound Recruits total by the end of your third month as Team Leader

You are eligible to earn the $500 cash bonus whenever you promote to Team Leader -
your promotion does not have to be within your first 12 weeks.

Host Rewards

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